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conflicting as there are a few                          his        new          Queen.            This

        of      the        countries            which           illustrates that the Pride was

        despise them, unfortunately-                            there in the pages of history
        Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia,                             even before the meaning of

        Kenya,           Bulgaria,           Turkey,            the word existed!

        India, and many more to
        count. Looking from these                               We, being a part of an

        people’s perspective, we can                            evolving society, should keep

        say that they are also not                              an open mind and try looking
        wrong because they too have                             at things the way the world

        their religious beliefs that                            has to look at it. I support

        contradict            the       ideas         of        Pride, though I am not a part

        today’s society.                                        of it. A moral to adhere to is
                                                                that not only our LGBTQ

        If we really look, a barrier                            fellows but also every god’s

        called religion has been built                          creature has the right to be

        between the two sides where                             respected and loved. So let
        one side says “Love is blind”                           the odds be even no matter

        and       the      other        says       “Be          what it is or who it is. Be

        rooted          to      not        let      our         supportive, not oppressive.
        ancestors down”. In History

        there are said to be many

        Kings and Queens who had
        to hide their love for the sake

        of their throne, one of them

        was Edward II (1307-37) a
        not       so      known           King        of

        England.              At          Edward’s

        wedding banquet the King is

        said to have given more
        attention to Gaveston (an

        interest of Edward) than to
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