Page 7 - The Teen Pop December Issue
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                                  In today’s society, the odds are the odds and are separated
                                  from the evens. We have to learn to not discriminate and be

                                  comfortable without discrimination.

        The world is a place to laugh,

        cry, be upset, angry, love,
        show greed, desire, and

        much more but certainly

        no place for segregate-
        ion. In today’s society,

        the odds are the odds &

        are separate from the ev-

        ens. We tend to look down
        on the people who are a part

        of LGBTQ, why? Are they not

        humans? Are they not God’s
        creatures living under a roof

        just like us? Then why is it

        that we ignore or run away                              need any Devil or Lucifer to
        from them to the point that                             have diabolic blood running

        they are ashamed of their                               within their veins so as to

        sexuality and decide to end                             discriminate            against        God’s
        their precious breath!                                  children.

        The creator of the world                                There are various countries

        might have never thought                                that support Pride, but at the

        that his creatures would not                            same time it turns out to be
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