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        Lake Vostok is the largest of
        Antarctica, with almost 400

        known subglacial lakes. Lake

        Vostok         is     located         at      the

        southern             Pole         of       Cold,
        beneath              Russia             Vostok

        Station under the surface of

        the central East Antarctic Ice
        Sheet, which is at 3,488 m

        above mean sea level.

                                                                SIMA                        HUMBOLDT,

                                                                VENEZUELA: Sima Humboldt

                                                                (Sima            Mayor)            is        an
                                                                enormous sinkhole located

                                                                on the summit of the plateau

                                                                of     Sarisariñama              tepui        in
                                                                Bolívar State, Venezuela.

        CHALLENGER                              DEEP,
        FEDERATED                 STATES             OF

        MICRONESIA: The Challenger
        Deep is the deepest known

        point in the Earth seabed

        hydrosphere, with a depth of
        10,902 to 10,929 m by direct

                                                                UNDERWATER WATERFALLS,

                                                                MAURITIUS:              Mauritius,           an

                                                                Indian Ocean island nation,

                                                                is known for its beaches,
                                                                lagoons and reefs. Just off-

                                                                coast of Le Morne is this

                                                                spectacular site.
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